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Shu Gan Li Dan Gong – Daoyin Yangsheng Gong (English text version).

Shuganlidangong Daoyin liver form

Prof. Zhang Guangde´s Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Shuganlidangong Di Yi Tao - First Form (Sitting form).

Shu Gan Lidan Gong - Exercise for Normalizing Liver Functioning and Bile Secretion.

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Includes prof. Zhang Guangde´s photographic sequence and video of the form.

It is a set of dynamic exercise for prevention and treatment of acute and chronic disorders of the liver and gallbladder by means of readjusting energy circulation through the channels, which has been widely practised with a curative rate of 87%.

The characteristic features and main points of the exercise are:

  1. Be optimistic. Guard against depression, and anger in particu­lar;
  2. Be slow in movement. Practise fine, even, deep and long ab­dominal breathing;
  3. To get the best result, do the exercise from 11 .p.m. to 3 a.m.;
  4. Do the exercise with assiduity and perseverance from the be­ginning to the end, proceed in order, and do what you are ca­pable of;
  5. For the treatment of virus hepatitis in its acute stage, combine this exercise with medication and restrict the exercise within a suitable limit;
  6. Avoid overfatigue;
  7. Wear loose garments. Do not wear wrist watch, nor shoes while doing this exercise. A padded cushion or a small carpet may be spread on the ground.

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